Exploita­tion of IP Rights

Consulting and representation at all levels of generation and exploitation

Our firm's services cover all levels of generation and exploitation of property rights following a holistic cross-phase process. Starting with the negotiation of research and development contracts and securing rights to inventions and continuing through to the last phases, i.e. licensing and enforcing property rights against infringing parties.

Draft and review of legal documents

We draft, negotiate and review all types of contracts and agreements that are customary in intellectual property, such as non-disclosure agreements, national and international licences, assignment agreements as well as research and development agreements. This often involves taking aspects of European cartel law or German employee invention law into consideration. And if necessary, we also take into account any tax law or company law issues and aspects of assessment or accounting by co-operating with professionals of other correspondingly specialised accounting and legal professions. We also review our clients’ intended or existing legal relations, such as draft agreements of business partners or risks arising from contractual relations.

Support in tax planning

The Principality of Liechtenstein, whose special tax regime “IP Box” provides preferential taxation of revenue generated from the exploitation, use or sale of qualifying property rights, is an ideal location for generating and exploiting innovative technological solutions. This special incentive for sustainable promotion of technological developments through the optimised economic use of intellectual property is relevant for both existing companies and companies yet to be founded or to be relocated. With our professionals, who are qualified in economics and business administration, we are able to cover such consultancy services in-house in the field of IP. Consequently, we are able to devise and implement even complex licensing and exploitation strategies by co-operating with members of specialised tax professions.

Management of property rights portfolios

We manage property rights by using specifically designed computer. This allows us to manage both individual property rights just as cost-effectively and reliably as complex portfolios consisting of several hundred property rights or families of property rights. We record and monitor relevant deadlines relating to the grant, enforcement or opposition of a property right and pay timely maintenance and renewal fees both in Liechtenstein and abroad for our clients. We are also able to represent in the software portfolios involving various property rights (trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyrights on software, etc.) with associated contracts and agreements (licensing agreements and cross-licences, pre-emption rights, surrender obligations, etc.). A standardised or customised report can be provided to our client at any time to facilitate strategic or operative decisions.

Competitive Intelligence

Regarding third parties activities we search, monitor and analyse relevant property rights activities (trademarks, industrial designs, patents) with respect to legal, economic and technological aspects. Thus, we are able to provide our client with an overview of relevant developments of their business environment. In this way we provide a basis for decisions to be taken, and especially when it comes to our clients determining or reviewing their own development projects, entering new markets or withdrawing from existing markets.